One of the top priority objectives of the modern Russian science both on the national and regional levels is its development and integration into the international scientific and information space. Dedicated to encourage these processes the scientific publications deal with results of the latest researches by leading scientists of Russia and the regions thereof. Volga region is one of the central regions of Russia, embracing major universities and research centers with multiple active research groups organized and leaded by recognized scientists. In order to give coverage to the result of researches carried out in the present region, on the decision of the Volga region association of state classic universities in 2002 there was established a scientific journal “University proceedings. Volga region”.

From the very moment of publication establishment the priority of the editorial policy of the journal has been the maintenance of the highest quality of scientific publications provided by the tight multistep procedure of reviewing. The editorial board of the publication has been formed of the leading scientists from Volga region universities.

During the first years of functioning the development of the journal consisted in expansion of scientific ties of the publication, organization and maintenance of close cooperation with well-known scientists from scientific and educational centers of Russia, including research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and leading foreign scientists as well. In time many of them have become the regular members of the publication’s editorial board.

The journal has established the contacts with editorial offices of central and regional scientific journals, and, therefore, formed a vast database of scientific publications. The office actively negotiated with central and regional libraries about the organization of subscription to the publication that would increase the readership.

The next milestone of the publication’s development was the organization of the access to the full texts of published materials for the readers. It has been achieved by posting all the archival and current issues on the web site, as well as by offering free access to PDF versions of the articles on the portals of Russian and foreign e-libraries and databases in the Internet.

At the present time “University proceedings. Volga region” is a series of journals consisting of 7 separate thematic issues. Further development of the publication will be connected with expanding international cooperation, presenting the research results by leading scientists and research groups of Volga region to the international scientific society. In order to fulfill the stated objective the editorial office is currently preparing the issues to be included into Scopus and Web of Science international databases.

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